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Stress Relief (Organic)

Brown Leaf Tea Bar

Stress Relief (Organic)

$ 16.00

Amazing healthy blend of soothing botanicals to help relieve the stress and tension of daily life and lift your spirits.  It calms you an improves mental and physical stress.

Naturally caffeine free.


  • Rooibos- herb from South Africa, calms and helps cope with stress, normalize sleep.
  • Passion Flower-help reduce anxiety and lower blood pressure.  It can help improve sleep and reduce inflammation
  • Holy Basil-help reduce physical and psychological stress
  • Lemon Balm-it’s used to provide relief from insomnia and anxiety.  It is a natural sleep aid and fights inflammation 
  • Lavender-can help lower stress hormones an calm anxiety 


1.5 teaspoon tea in 8ounces water

212 degrees F

5-7 minutes

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