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About us

As a letter carrier, during the harsh, cold months, I had difficulty finding something hot to offset the symptoms of cold weather.  To my disappointment, the only beverages on the market were coffee based.  The problem with coffee, for me, is its harsh on the stomach and not a healthy choice to consume, in volume.

One night after a brutal day of working, thawing out fingers and toes, I began to research healthier alternatives for hot beverages.  TEA?  Yes TEA!!!  It defied and exceeded the challenge.

From visiting family and friends to the occasional pop up at our home, tea has been a staple for laughter, conversation and fun.  It makes the time fly!  Tea takes on so many different characters and personalities with its dry ingredients, aroma, liquor color, and taste that one could never lose interest.  It's like an explorer experiencing unknown territories, finding new flavors and tastes that becomes your favorite.  Who would have thought?

2016 has been a milestone for Brown Leaf Tea from the inception of a dream, to launching our website, to the first event, to the many well wishers that come up and offer love, support, encouragement, and business opportunities.

Brown Leaf Tea offers hot and iced teas as well as an assortment of spa water flavors to cater your corporate events, festivals, weddings and church events.  Quality, customer service, and building relationships are what's most important to us.

Remember to STEEP, DRINK, CONNECT, LOVE more----

Yours Truly,

Theodore J.