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Black Tea & Roasted Coffee Blend

Brown Leaf Tea Bar

Black Tea & Roasted Coffee Blend

$ 11.00

The combination of black tea and hot   air roasted coffee beans (Fennario Coffee Roasters) produces a strong and energizing cup that is infused perfectly alone or for milk. The rich, dark flavors of the black tea, coffee, and indulgent notes of chocolate brings an earthy fusion, while the roasted barley adds depth and complexity to the blend. This luxurious and satisfying blend offers just enough caffeine to please coffee drinkers, and yet still smooth enough for the black tea lovers. 

black tea blend, coffee beans, yerba mate, cocoa nibs, chocolate chips, chicory, roasted barley, and blue corn flower


2 teaspoon tea in 8 ounces water

212 degrees F

4 minutes


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