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Peach Nirvana  NEW (House Blend)

Brown Leaf Tea Bar

Peach Nirvana NEW (House Blend)

$ 11.00

Delight your taste buds with our Peach Nirvana Herbal Fruit Blend!  This PERFECT blend will bring joy and balance to your day with its lively fruity taste.  It starts off with an amazing punch of peach and closes off with the soft floral notes of chamomile and lemongrass with a hint of spearmint.  Add a touch of your favorite sweetener and you have the perfect indulgence to satisfy your every craving at anytime of the day.

Ingredients: peaches, natural peach flavor, apple pieces, rosehips, pineapples, lemon verbena, chamomile flowers, apricots, lemongrass and spearmint


1.5 teaspoon tea in 8 ounces water

212 degrees F

8 minutes

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