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Fireside Chat “Lapsang Souchong”

Brown Leaf Tea Bar

Fireside Chat “Lapsang Souchong”

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Fireside Chat “Lapsang Souchong” is a savory black tea, ideal for the daring tea enthusiast.  Its bold and Smokey unique character is derived from a gentle smoking process over pine bark and needles, creating a flavor unparalleled by any other. This tea is cultivated in the Fujian Province of Chaina, the birth place of lapsang souchong. Its distinct profile produces a golden coppery liquor.

suggestions for steeping…add  maple syrup to sweeten as the vanilla and caramel notes pair well with the smoky flavor. 

Ingredients: smoked black tea


1 teaspoon tea in 8 ounces water

212 degrees F

3-5 minutes

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