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Cycle Support (Organic)

Brown Leaf Tea Bar

Cycle Support (Organic)

$ 18.00

This herbal blend was created to help regulate  the menstrual cycle.  Each herb was selected  for their ability to balance hormones and provide relief from PMS symptoms.  
Please consult your physician before drinking this tisane if you are pregnant or nursing or taking birth control pills

Ingredients all organic:

  • Schisandra Berries-help fight fatigue and relieve stress    
  • Shatavari-commonly use to treat female reproductive disorder and may help in balancing hormones 
  • Holy Basil-can help to reduce physical and psychological stress.  It may also help balance hormones and provide reform headaches 
  • Vitex-used to relieve PMS symptoms, breast tenderness and headaches.  Decrease irritability and known for helping balance estrogen and progesterone 
  • Lemon Verbena-reducing inflammation and treating indigestion 
  • Saw Palmetto-can help normalize testosterone levels in men helping with weight loss and sex drive

caffeine level: none


1-2 teaspoon tea in 8ounces water

200 degrees F

5-7 minutes


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